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Payment Options

Once you checkout of our shopping cart, you will see which payment methods are available to your country.

VISACredit Card - VISA currently accepts payments by VISA credit card for both USA and International customers. If paying with Credit Card, please note that the new descriptor on your statement will be displayed as 887-634-9806 SOFTHUBWORLD or 4RX.COM18777289479.



BitcoinBitcoin now accepts Bitcoin payments for USA and International customers. Learn more about Bitcoin here.

General Instructions For Bitcoin on

1. Customer needs to purchase Bitcoins from a trusted provider: (, using their Credit Card, Bank Transfer, etc.

2. After customer purchases their Bitcoins, they need to be added to their Digital Wallet on the same website they purchased them from.

3. Now the customer can place an order on our website.

4. When customer checks out and reaches the "Choose Region" page, customer will select between USA and International, where they can choose their region.

5. Based on their region the payment method(s) available will be displayed. USA customer will opt for eCheck or Bitcoins and International Customers default to Bitcoins only.

6. When the customer reaches the checkout page, in the payment method panel there will be a link to these instructions.

7. When the customer clicks “Confirm Order” button, the shopping cart will take them to the Bitpay payment page where they can click "View Address" and copy the unique code displayed.

8. Now the customer has to return back to their Digital Wallet page and initiate a "Send Bitcoins" operation and enter this unique address code in there.

9. As soon as the customer sends their Bitcoins, they will get their "Paid" confirmation page. It take approximately 15 min to process but if there is a lot of traffic, it could take up to an hour or two. We ask customers to wait up to 2 hours to verify payment has been finalized.

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